This fall we welcome you to AIR! The global premier will be at the Amsterdam Arena. We can’t wait to bring to you the first ever drone entertainment show in the world. This show reaches a new level in entertainment where visitors will be immersed into 3D effects instead of standard 2D experience, proving that innovation is sensational and nothing is impossible!

In this high energy and explosive show, drones will take centre stage to bring a collaboration and fusion of music, video, projections and special effects. AIR allows you to experience a variety of ballet and battles, races and lasers, circus, illusions and most of all magic from hundreds of drones.

Are you ready for the next level in entertainment?

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  1. Well, it's 2016 now and still no AIR 2015, no news for a year, and no-one in the community seem to be talking about it at all. (especially all the pilots they'd need to fly 100 multis in a comp) so I think we can safely say this is was all flash, no bang.

  2. I can confidently say yes I am 99% ready 🙂

    Now that it is mid August… perhaps you are ready to let everyone know WHEN your event will be?
    keeping our hopes up 'till then.

  3. The guys at AIR should mount dual FPV cameras on one (or more) of the drones in the show and allow audience members to bring their own FPV goggles or monitors and watch the show for the drone's perspective. If you have 3D goggles you can experience the flight in 3D. That would be so AWESOME!

  4. Waggle Dance Drone Festival.

    And here I was thinking they were going to use camera drones to circle around celebrity artists (or YT stars) during their performance. Firefly!

  5. Can't wait to see the show! But. Tron text? Oblivion 166 drone? You guys really could have been bit more creative there 🙂

  6. шо за вата? кто за духовные скрепы СТАВИМ ЛАЕК!!! А ЛУЧШЕ КЛАСС

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