AirSelfie, created by Eduardo Scroppiana, just launched on Kickstarter and has already reached its goal. It’s small, durable and easy to use for all types of events.

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Video Credit: AirSelfie


  1. 250 usd for this horror drone! look at the review of andyrc and others, this drone is the worst crap i ever see! footage you can forgett, just wast of time to fly with this peace of beeeeep!

  2. How can you call this air selfie if the guy controlling it is never ready and always looking at his phone? Good idea but the music in the commercial is terrible!

  3. I will start a kickstarter to create a nice sized flyswatter to whack the shtt out of this noisemaker if it comes anywhere near me in a bar lol

  4. The idea is great but the poor photo quality and the length of time it takes to make the drone stable to get a great shot, far exceeds its need. I was really wanting something like this, I'm looking forward to AirSelfie 3.

  5. Try taking a selfie from your phone while moving your arm in a figure 8 motion without stoping, that photo will be equal to the quality of the photo you take with this drone. Not once did that tiny drone remain still long enough for the auto focus to snap a selfie. Maybe they should sell the patent to DJI, they'll know how to make it work like it was intended to.

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