A pilot from the prefecture controls the drone while a sworn officer observes any violations.


A pilot from the prefecture controls the drone when a sworn officer observes any violations. – Laetitia Dive


  • The equipment belongs to the prefecture and makes it possible for more discreet controls
  • It has an autonomy of 1 hour


Captain Pascal Gensous and his group established out on a compact trail in the vicinity of the A10 for a extremely particular mission: to manage the highway with the aid of a drone At the commencing of faculty vacations.

An procedure in several stages

“The digital camera has a video program that makes it possible for us to fly at a top of 35 to forty meters to notice particular perilous behaviors: failure to respect protection distances, passing by the ideal, preserving track Left, traffic on crisis stop tape … “, describes the officer.

 The operation is carried out from a small road close to the motorway. The drone
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The procedure is done from a compact highway shut to the freeway. ] Is piloted by a pilot of the
Prefecture . At his facet, a sworn officer watches the screen: when he finds an infraction, he straight away warns the law enforcement on the highway. “If, for instance, the protection length is not revered, the description of the auto is supplied: colour, inscriptions on the trailer if it is a heavy truck …”

The law enforcement officers intercept the motorist Then just take him to the area of ​​the close by Estalot . It is straight away verbalized. And when the first pics do not obviously identify the auto? “It is adopted by the drone right until we have dependable facts.”

 Motorcycle policemen receive precise information to identify offending motorists.

Law enforcement officers on motorcycle get exact facts to identify motorists in violation – Laetitia Dive


For Captain Gensous, this manage program is not intended to change the other people: “It is complementary, it remains an different means. We have the border law enforcement airplane, which is also extremely productive in working with these perilous behaviors. And when you do joint operations with the gendarmerie, you profit from their helicopter. “

 The drone monitors the road from a height of 35 to 40 meters.
The aircraft is the only 1 of its type in the planet, piloting a drone necessitates particular guidelines to be observed: “The machine is not placed previously mentioned the tracks for protection reasons, it constantly flies along with the crisis stop band. We will need a ideal topography: no road blocks, trees or properties. The drone is not a toy so we have to have rather the same protocols as an plane having off. “

It is not feasible to fly the equipment of the prefecture with out prior education: you will have to have at least theoretical license ULM then do a simple education system to discover the fundamental principles of the vol.

 On the area of ​​the Estalot, the DREAL is also present. It controls heavy goods vehicles to ensure that they meet the standards.
The DREAL is also existing on the Estalot area, controlling the heavy cars to check out that they satisfy the benchmarks – Laetitia Dive [19459109]

A limited manage time by the batteries

The procedure will not very last more than an hour: the machine added benefits only from 3 batteries of 20 minutes just about every. The other limit is that its digital camera does not allow to zoom and it is hence unachievable to distinguish the range plates.

But Captain Gensous evokes particular qualities that make the drone a new means of productive manage: “In conditions of charge of getting and managing, it&#39s extremely fascinating. And then it&#39s discreet, you do not see it. ” The machine also has the benefit of exhibiting no CO2 emissions. Economic and ecological hence.

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