Photographer Ryan Deboodt explored Hang Son Doong cave in Vietnam using a drone, revealing an entire world in the depths of the earth.
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Amazing Drone Video Of World’s Largest Cave | msnbc


  1. To those people who are planning to go here. I don't think it is possible. Only 600 people where allow the entry in this cave in a year. So, just think who may be that chosen 600. It will probably be scientist, photographer, researchers only. So, give up ur dream of going there or cut it from your bucket list.

  2. well.. looks like 50% of the shots were taken from the entrance of the cave, and 48% was the trees and grass

    then we did see a small part of the depth, but not much

  3. Vietnam has been dubbed the land of amazing caves, the land of butterflies, the land of Pho, the land of Banh Mi, the land of noodles, the land of coffee, the land of rice, the land of scooters, the land of endless scenic beauty . . . Whatever the name people call, Vietnam is truly an amazing country.

  4. I love Vietnam our. Day is a promising land. La valley. Best in the world. Vinh Ha Long, too. Looking forward to meet you. Tai promised land.

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