Amazon Plans UK Development Center for AI, Drones (AMZN)
The Seattle-based company announced this morning that it is planning to open a 60,000 square foot development
center focused on artificial intelligence and drone technology in the U. K. later this year.
” the company said in its statement. that By the end of this year, we will have more than 1,500 innovation-related roles here in Britain, working on everything from machine learning
and drone technology to streaming video technology and Amazon Web Services,
Amazon’s Alexa devices are also reported to have found a strong market in the U. K. (See also: Amazon and Brits Want to Fastrack Drone Adoption
Earlier this year, Amazon announced a stated goal of hiring 5,000 workers in the U. K. by the end of this year.
Its well known smart assistant Alexa is powered by artificial intelligence, and drones are an important part of Amazon’s future delivery strategy.
Amazon Lab126, the company’s research lab based in Sunnyvale, California, which developed
its AI-powered smart assistant Alexa, has approximately 3,000 employees.
In today’s announcement, Amazon said that it had invested $8.26 billion in the U. K. since 2010.

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