Amazon Prime Air has begun private trials in England, and the first customer delivery by drone recently took place. Check it out!


  1. England is an overcrowded urban shithole where almost nobody lives in the countryside. So, only for the top one percent; celebrities, royals and the like.

  2. the fat fuck ordering the package looks so unfit the lazy lardarse cannot walk down to the shops & buy whatever he wants over the counter. heart attack on the way.

  3. OK, I have put all my chips on Amazon Prime. I do not have the knowledge, expertise, or resources to do this myself, but I do not need to know everything I need to know as I develop my books, 18 and counting. All you need to know to get to reach your personal goals is to know somebody who does know what you need to know. Good Luck to both of us. Buddy Vaiden

  4. 5 pounds of goods?  01.05           I lost 2 phantom drones I don't believe its gonna work . I like amazon

  5. what will happen when everyone is doing the same, fast food restaurants, grocery stores, shoe and clothing stores, etc like the sky is gonna be filled with these buggers.

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