Brandon Bryant, a former drone pilot and sensor operator for the of the US Air Force, quit his job after 5 years of being in the Drone Program left him emotionally traumatized.

In this episode of Transmissions, Motherboard speaks with Brandon about his feelings of responsibility for the remote killings of people with predator drones, its connection to Germany’s drone program, and why ultimately drone warfare makes us lose our humanity.

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  1. Any single American brethren of mine commenting on this without having read the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act and the N.D.A.Act(NDAA, or National Defense Authorization Act) is speaking from an uninformed position. Under these pieces of legal jargon often referred to as being under 'executive order', an enemy-combatant has none of the inalienable rights guaranteed by the Constitution. Let that sink in a second.

    Now, get fucking involved!

  2. What a complete douche!  You signed up for the military!  What is the military's MAIN objective?  DUH!!!!

    &, unless he has top secret clearance, intel, etc….he has noooooooooooooooooooooooo real clue as to why his target was really targeted.  He his only given enough information to pull the trigger.  He should have never joined the military.

  3. not nit-picking here yet. saying these drone attacks violate the constitutional rights of traitors. makes me think drones weren't even around during the creation of those constitutional rights so there for null in void right

  4. Why did this man sign up for drone Pilot? When your in the military you chose your fate and this guy happen to chose the thing that destroyed him inside? Did this come down to him not being informed what drones did, did he think he would just point Cameras?

  5. >joins the military
    >expects to not kill directly or indirectly

    inevitably wether you did it or not you're helping someone take someone else's life even if it's just a desk job it's the military it's pretty self explanatory the idea of a military is for protection in order to perform that job effectively you are expected to take the life of an enemy

  6. why is germany a part of the problem? the us is the most powerfull mititarian nation in the world, perhaps it´s forced on germany to play this role. this is a pure american problem thats depend on the decisions the us are making.

  7. What a dumbass!
    ''When I fire my first shot and I killed people, that was hearthbreaking for me because I didn't think that I would be in a position to take someone life.''


  8. He was not even the UAV pilot. He was a sensor operator. He NEVER dropped any weapons, that is done by the officer pilot. He is responsible for operating the sensor. Saying he is a pilot is bad reporting. Don't give the guy more credit than he is owed.

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