He is in get in touch with with actors of the combat in opposition to the poaching in Africa, he was rewarded at the conclusion of June throughout the contest La Fabrique Aviva: good success for Julien Lerch and its paramotor drone


Modest, light-weight: the drone of Julien Lerch enters a backpack. The engine tends to make a very little sounds on takeoff, but then … almost nothing! “It is a paramotor drone, it steals thanks to a paragliding sail clarifies its creator in its workshop of Marlenheim. This unit permits him to have a wonderful autonomy and to fly silently. “ The advantage? “Do not make sounds when passing around wild animals for case in point” solutions Julien Lerch.

Confounding the poachers

The notion of ​​ this drone, baptized Aube sprouted in the spirit of Julien Lerch in 2011. In 2012, the Bas-Rhinin corporation launches, Ihmati. At the conclusion of June 2017, his drone, recognized by 3D printer, is rewarded by the contest La Fabrique Aviva . But Julien Lerch did not wait for this award to seduce. In March, with the Strasbourg NGO Wildlife Angel fighting poaching in Africa, he went to Niger to take a look at his drone in true ailments.

This drone can shield animals, but it also safeguards anti-poachers. Many anti-poachers are getting killed in Africa. To steer clear of sending a scout, a drone is despatched.

“The drone can method the poachers and he can just take photos of license plates and faces, considering the fact that it is outfitted with a zoom of fifteen periods ,” clarifies Julien Lerch. The evidence is recorded in the drone and on the ground, in buy to confuse the poachers right before the justice. “

These days, the drone Aube interests reserves in Niger, Congo or Gabon. Julien Lerch also would like to attract the firms of capturing of animal demonstrates. To restrict air pollution, the Alsatian recently built a chassis of biosourced resources: maize, linen fiber and oyster shell powder.

 Julien Lerch and his drone Aube, in Marlenheim in July 2017 - radio France © Radio France
                            Aude Raso

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