The drone is the future of parcel delivery, so all the gamers in the sector, from La Poste to Amazon, are on the lookout at it. But there are nevertheless a lot of complications to be solved and laws to be handed. The final place that was anticipated on this area of interest, Iceland, made the decision to grill the precedence to every person: the first 100% automatic service of delivery by drone will be introduced there.

The starting of A revolution on a substantially more substantial scale, which really should be born in the a long time to arrive all around the planet.

Aha unveils its drone delivery service in Reykjavik

The announcement is a sizeable one: Aha, market of his place, has partnered with the Israeli organization Flytrex, specializing in drones, to launch the first standalone drones delivery service. It will be accessible in the funds of the place, Reykjavik, and will enormously reduce the journey time and therefore the delivery time.

In Reykjavik, the service will take on its full meaning: the Icelandic funds is designed close to a bay . To make a delivery from one side to the other of the bay, it is necessary to circumvent it, which enormously increases the delivery time. Incorporating to this potential targeted traffic is a actual problem … primarily for a food delivery service at dwelling: the client nevertheless expects that the food is nevertheless warm when it reaches its spot

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