Taken from Anohni’s album ‘Hopelessness’, out now on Rough Trade and Secretly Canadian:

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Production by Hudson Mohawke and and Oneohtrix Point Never


  1. New Internationalist brought me here (record of the year 2016). One important messenger bringing me to another. This album is probably the most relevant and timely piece of musical fury in recent memory (whether aimed at Obamas failures or the rise of the right and the impending doom of Trumps New World Order). There has never been a more vital time for people to stand up for the desperate and the displaced and let their voice be heard.
    OK, rant over…for now.

  2. this is the best shes ever done. im so thrilled by it. cant stop thinking of a million things: from the spooky electronics to the haunting voice, and that performance at mercury prize… alison moyet back at the yazoo days… simply wonderful 😉

  3. "It’s a feminine way of using an expression of confounding vulnerability to try to outwit a perpetrator that you can’t subdue. They often tell people to scream like crazy if they are being raped, because that can shock a perpetrator into a different perspective about themselves and what they’re doing. For me, as a young person, one of my only means of defending myself was to find ways to confound and disarm perpetrators. And I’ve often used vulnerability as both a platform to be witnessed and as a defensive mechanism." – Anohni discussing DBM with Pitchfork

  4. Honestly, the first I had ever heard of Anohni's work was her guest appearence on the Bjork Track 'Atom Dance'. At first, I admit, I thought the voice had been pitch shifted before looking more into Anohni. I think her work is unique and hypnotically beautiful. The song itself almost puts me into a trance.

    I highly reccomend Bjork to Anohni fans, and vice versa. Truly wondeful.

  5. Wow….. I'm listening to it right now and woah it's so weird…. It's different…. Stef Sanjati recommended it. So far it's amazing. It's beautiful 🙂

  6. Amazing song.
    Still remember when I saw you 11 years ago in Cartagena (Spain) in "La Mar de Músicas" festival. We would be pleased to see you again over there.
    Congratulations for your new album.

  7. thanks sooo much to Democracy Now for introducing me to this singer, saw her perform live just some hours ago, and incredible! to use music like art the way she does, and techno as protest music, is incredibly refreshing.

  8. Hopelesness is an album that I never thought it would tore me apart so much but it did, and I so fucking thankful for that. The lyrics…Oh my God.

  9. The fact that he wants to be killed by a bomb because he feels responsible as an american for the deaths of the innocents in afghanistan makes me suffer so much. This song is deep and with different layers of reading.

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