Good Afternoon Ted and Jody:

I really have to pay more attention to social media. Today is a birthday party for my 4-year-old great grandson. Ger, and I am now just checking the social media account and find this out. The party started two hours ago two hours north of here.

An update on my Phantom 4 PRO that was wantonly attacked by a tree the other day. I may have inadvertently saved the camera and gimbal (footnote) from injury in the attack because I failed to remove one piece around the gimbal that is clearly marked in two languages, yellow on red, “remove before flight.” It is a foam rubber support to protect the gimbal and camera in shipping. I hate to think what the shippers were expected to do that needed a protector to keep the parts from destruction during a run-in with an evil tree. Now I watched several hours of videos and went over the instruction book with a magnifying glass. It was only by accident that I learned of this ‘necessary removal this morning before I did my morning flight. Without a cat to stalk, I took a landscape again.DJI_0011 ns 20179819 09xx email.jpg

(footnote: I did not know this but a gimbal is a pivoted device that allows rotation of something about a single axis. I suspect the gimbal on the Phantom 4 PRO allows rotation around more than one axis, at least I hope so or mine is broken despite my claims.)

I took the Phantom 4 PRO for a walk this morning. OK, I walked and it flew. This is a way for me to get the hang of guiding it in flight. More photos when I take it for a scenic walk.

I read a piece yesterday about the ‘discussion’ about race in America (the troubles brought to light in Charlottsville, VA last week. It was a Washington Post article, I do not recall the date, title or authors. I save it digitally or at least thought I did, but can not find it. So, I will paraphrase. The authors took the position that the Union Army did not properly finish the war. They suggested that had the Union Army properly finished the war there would be no Confederate Statutes in America, much like there are no Fascist status in Italy and Germany or status of those who prosecuted WWII from Japan. The article did note the preponderance of Confederate Monuments were erected during the period in which Southern Legislatures were enacting Jim Crow laws and building a segregated South. Let us hope, at the very least the current discussion moves to a non-violent level but continues.

Warmest Regards, Ed

059 Back and Forth, Then In
Fiction in 1124 words by T. Edward Westen

[Spaceport Redemption] Special Agent Fleishman, Agent White, and the portable x-ray machine materialized. “We are in,” said Special Agent Fleishman. “But I can’t see anything. I need portable lights. I think a gas or atmosphere test would show the air in there is safe to breathe, but better safe than sorry. And we need some way to map where we explore. I need to pivot back to my home base as I am running close to when I will be automatically pulled back. Besides I need some sleep. How long will it take to assemble the things we need for the next trip out to the alien craft?”

Deborah rubbed her chin and said, “30 minutes.”

Special Agent turned to Agent White and said, “I think it is your turn to drive.” Then to Deborah and Walter, “We’ll be back in 30 minutes. Home James.” Agent White smiled and pivoted taking Special Agent Fleishman with her.

[27th Century, ATI] Agent White and Special Agent Fleishman materialized outside of Outreach Agent Simmons cubical. “You read my mind,” said Special Agent Fleishman. “Johnathon will have lots of toys that will be most useful for exploring and mapping the alien craft. Let’s tell him what we need and then I really do need some sleep.”

[Spaceport Redemption] “Why did you tell those people to evaluate what they have and what to take with them and what to leave behind, Boy-O?” asked Walter.

What in the world are you talking about?” asked James. “What people?”

Down in the cafeteria. You were standing on a chair. We have it recorded. Everything is recorded around here,” said Walter.

Let me see the recording, for I still do not know what you are talking about,” said James.

Walter played back the recording. As James watched, his eyes got bigger and bigger and eventually, his jaw dropped. When he finally regained his composure, James said, “I do not remember any of that. Who is Nikud?

[Space, the Other Universe]”Give me a minute this this gizmo,” Special Agent Fleishman said holding up the air analyzer Walter and Deborah had provided him, “and I’ll be right back.” He pivoted from near the surface of the alien craft. Literally a minute later he materialized. “According to this the air is breathable and seems to have no organisms in it at all.” So, bring the box of goodies Jonathan made up for us and I’ll take the lights. I’ll drive.” Both Special Agent Fleishman and Special Agent White vanished along with the various paraphernalia they carried.;

[Inside the Alien Space Ship] “I am opening my helmet,” said Special Agent Fleishman. He took a deep breath. “The air in here has a flavor to it, more like outside in the woods on Earth than anything.”

Agent White opened her helmet. “No, it is more like two blocks from the beach, some hit of salt air, but just a hint.”

Both ATI agents were silent for a moment as they looked at the area illuminated by the flood lights Special Agent Fleishman had turned on. The chamber they were in seemed to extend forever in two directions. The floor, ceiling, and walls encased an area four meters square. On three of the surfaces, there were gratings spaced every five meters. The gratings were held in place with simple latches that worked much like the locks on restroom stalls. Push in one direction the latch was firmly locked shut. Push in the other direction and the latch was open. Agent White leaned toward the nearest hatch and pushed its latch open. She pulled. Nothing happened. She then pushed. The hatch released outward from her into another dark space. “Another chamber,” she exclaimed.

Special Agent Fleishman worked his way toward Agent White and the grill that she has opened into another chamber. He shined his flashlight into the chamber, but the chamber was so large the small beam from his flashlight got lost in the darkness. He went back to the flood lights and maneuvered them into position so the light from the floods shone directly into the chamber that Agent White had opened. Both agents peered into the lit chamber. The floods exposed a ceiling, relative to their position about 20 meters up or into the belly of the alien craft. The ceiling appeared to have banks of some substance that reflected some of the light back to the floods and diffused some of it around in the chamber. The floodlights and the diffused light from the ceiling structures also showed a series of latticeworks from what they regarded, given their position. as the floor of the chamber into which they were peering. Moving the flood light to one side the latticeworks seemed to be repeated over and over as far as the beams from the flood lights reached. “What do you suppose those latticeworks are?” asked Agent White.

I don’t know,” replied Special Agent Fleishman. “But, if you put a spin on the space craft in direction of either starboard or port, you would create a centripetal force that would act as a kind of artificial gravity. If those lattices works sit in tubs, vats or some kind of containers, I would hazard that we are looking at a hydroponic garden.” Special Agent Fleishman paused. “I think it is time to turn loose some of the auto mappers that Jonathan gave us. Let’s set one to go in each direction in this tunnel and then one in each direction in the chamber you found that looks to be a garden.”

Don’t they need light to do their mapping?” asked Agent White.

No, they use sonar, or echo location to find their way and map where they have been,” said, Special Agent White. “Johnathan says the maps they make will even give true color if you want a snap shot of where they have been. He calls them ‘bats’, by the way”

Outreach Agent Simmons is quite a clever fellow,” said Agent White.

Indeed,” replied Special Agent Fleishman as he gently nudged a small object sporting three sets of propellers equidistant around a ball sporting a multitude of protrusions. “They are programmed to go as far as they can and return to the spot where they were launched before they run out of juice.”

How far is that?” asked Agent White.

In a one gravity environment like Earth, about 25 kilometers, 12 out and 12 back with one in reserve,” replied Special Agent Fleishman. “In this space without a significant wind and no gravity, who knows, probably several hundred kilometers? Gravity puts one heck of a drain on the energy to keep those babies aloft.”

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