Who’s got their instrument out!?

Right, some people saying this is fake and not even an AR Drone, really? This was just me messing around in my garden running the battery flat when I noticed my brother was playing guitar upstairs! He didn’t know I was there but he saw the funny side when he noticed.

It’s an AR Drone 2.0 with balanced blades and shafts, ball bearing upgrade and recording directly to an on board USB storage stick for higher quality video.


  1. can I get a like because my grand father has died If you din't want to like at least you can pray for him but if y you do both I will make my day

  2. This is why I don't like creeps with drones and believe that if you catch a drone flying over your property you should be entitled to bring it down, keep it and sue its creep owner for invasion of privacy.

  3. I used to think voyeurism was a fun idea, and harmless… But thank God, He showed me the truth: that it's not a joke, it's a gross invasion of a person's privacy. Being attracted to the female body is a 100% natural and godly desire – but when you do voyeurism you are unlawfully taking something that does not belong to you, and that is a sin. You are also preying on the weaker sex, which is an abuse of your power as a man. We men need to protect women, not prey on them!

    I thank God that He convicted me of the evil desires I once had, and stopped me in my tracks when I was actually going to do it… I came to my senses and repented. And the Lord Jesus forgave me, and cleansed me from all my sins, and all those dark fantasies I used to have are a distant memory. 🙂 Turn to Him too and He will save you!, no matter what you've done. Read the Gospel of John! 🙂 Jesus is the Saviour and He will save you and heal you and turn you into a brand new person.

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  5. So,  it is noisy then… the guy inside the apartment noticed it…and the windows were closed tight. How effective can a drone be as a security and surveillance tool?

  6. I'm sorry but real or not, this is something we have going on in our lives now and does anyone else have a problem with it like I do?? I don't get how a peeping Tom on foot is illegal but this would be considered ok. All I can think of are the pedi pervs that want to follow little boys or girls around from the bus stop and then peek in their windows. Ugh, why aren't people rising up and voting for some more privacy rules?

  7. The only cool about this video is that it's reupload and it is not a AR Drone, haha! 
    It is a DJI Phantom 1 without a Gimbal recorded with a GoPro. Soooo, suck on that, uploader!

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