All you need to know to become an expert pilot! Learn the basic controls and settings and discover the new Absolute Control piloting mode.
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The AR.Drone 2.0 is at the crossroads where high-tech meets Icarus dream. Fly like a bird. View the earth from high above in high definition. Share your experience online with your friends.

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Shot on location at the AIR & SPACE MUSEUM of Paris – Le Bourget Airport, France with their kind authorization.


  1. May 2017 , has absolute control function been discontinued ? my control doesn't show it, is there something I am not doing right ?

  2. This drone is not designed for outdoors. You all need to tell people that. We purchased it for outdoor camera taking and if you sneeze it falls out of the air. It can't take any wind gust over 5 mph which is rare to get the wind under 5 mph.

  3. Can someone help me? I'm having an issue where my drone doesn't raise altitude when I press "take off" instead it goes forward and into the ground. PLEASE HELP!

  4. Hi
    On all the tutorials I've seen, as soon as you touch take off, the Drone rises and holds position, awaiting command. With mine, although the blades are turning, it seems to lift a few inches then goes sideways and crashes.
    The battery is full, and I've tried allsorts of of flight settings, it's as if, its too heavy to lift.
    Any sensible thoughts or solutions??

  5. show us the trick where the drone goes out of control and accends higher than set altitude till it gets out of range and crashes!!!!! my drone 2.0 elite mastered this technique out of the box brand new

  6. is there a customer service phone number instead of wasteing time and getting nowhere on line,i need help with connecting my android devices(tablets "duel&quad core"android phones,watches,laptops etc
    feel free to call me please via 530-216-0339 or facebook -just look up gunner gama sr. aka stephen gama

  7. sans blague, on pourrait pas avoir la version en français ???!!!!! idem l'interface de commande, ça doit pas couter une fortune de faire traduire !
    sinon c'est absolument génial comme jouet !

  8. just bought one today, staring at the battery charging is devastating me, this was all i could think to do to hold me over….

  9. There are too many Drones on the market.But, The manufacturer does not provide spare parts (gear…etc).
    The major problem in the supply of spare parts.

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