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A big thank you to Ixair helicopter team!


  1. Remove that awful music and replace it by spoken instructions. And most of all: get rid of that stupid banner across the screen!

  2. What a waste of time.  Use the sound to tell us what's going on instead of crappy music.  Explain why he's doing things like titling the controller.  Terrible use of the video medium.

  3. I have one of these and a Phantom, and the DJI Phantom blows this out of the water. This thing only goes as far as a wifi signal. The Phantom transmitter has a distance of two miles.

    And the Phantom can fly 10 meters per second, and is more stable and easier to control.

  4. Its not wifi like internet. the parrot creates it own wifi and u connect Iphone-Ipad-Ipod and fly within the range of parrot's  wifi network 🙂

  5. I really Liked the ar drone. It's a ripe off for 300$. Things I don t like about it. One is the motors are can barley left it off the ground. it s domb because you haft to use a ios device. And if you have flone quadcopters it will be hard to fly it. If I were to chose a quadcopter between a 1sq quadcopter and ar drone it s the 1sq. Thanks for reading

  6. Tzarlo, as I am interested in buying this, I will be really happy to report what happened to your "AR.Drone", did they fixed it or exchange it? Please respond because it will really save some 400$! Thank you (:!

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