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At the age of sixteen, Thomas Grout had a fantastic functionality past weekend,
by winning the title of French winner of drone piloting. aims
: the Globe Cup and the French workforce.


“My aim was to acquire the title of junior winner of France and, at the same time, to make the best attainable ranking of all types merged. At the age of sixteen, Thomas Grout appreciates what he needs.

Passionate about aerodynamics, the youthful Malouin has specialized in FPV Racing. What is it just? The major action is the multi-rotor race (tri, quadri or hexamotor) that is piloted in immersion, that is to say with a pair of video glasses or dealing with a display screen.

one hundred km / h

In these kinds of helmets, the images of a camera situated at the front of the drone are retransmitted. The pilot consequently has the feeling of driving straight. These drones fly at speeds close to one hundred km / h, a several meters from the ground.

“This is the to start with formal level of competition with a real title” the weekend in La Queue-en-Brie (Val-de-Marne), leaves him some regrets. the exit of skills, I was in the prime four, so ensured to fight with the best in the finals, ] he states. Dilemma, I seasoned two collisions, which penalized me in terms of points. In simple fact, Thomas Grout had to settle for a fourth spot all round all round.

two e in Globe Cup

This slight disappointment did not past very prolonged. “With a small length, I am by now supercontent to be the to start with winner of France junior formal”, states Thomas Grout, who has by now switched to his up coming appointments.

“In late October, I&#39m heading to South Korea for a stage of the pilot of Malouin. For now, with regard to my to start with stages, I am in 2nd spot in the all round standings, ten points at the rear of the to start with. But this can evolve very rapidly, due to the fact the classification is accomplished on the result of the 3 best stages of each and every pilot. And as you can score in between 35 and 40 points for each celebration, anything is playable. In one direction as in the other. “Certainly, I can intention for the to start with spot, but I can also be doubled by the pursuers. “

The French workforce in 2018

Despite his youthful age, Thomas Grout&#39s performances did not depart the experts of the French Aeromodelling Federation unmoved. “Thomas should be a part of the French workforce in 2018”, underlines Frédéric Grout, very concerned in his son&#39s action. “Without the need of him, it would be difficult, acknowledges the son. If only for coaching, every weekend, considering the fact that I have to go to Plerguer with all my substance. In bicycle, it would not be attainable. “

At the Plerguer, seat of the Aero-products club of the Emerald Coastline (AMCCE), the benefits of Thomas Grout are emulated. “We have enhanced the variety of licensees in new yrs to stabilize them at sixty-5, describes Franck Lebleu, president of the AMCCE. Thomas achieves very beautiful performances. A further youthful, Etienne Auger, of Saint-Pierre-de-Plesguen, walks on his tracks in classification aerobatics massive products with an engine of a hundred and twenty . He will also be at the French championship in a several weeks. “

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