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– The Ax-natural environment professional phyto-natural environment markets the agricultural drones of Parrot . An settlement has just been signed involving the two entities earning Axe-environnement the official reseller of Parrot drones meant for agricultural use.

In the related agriculture movement, the drone will become a software for farmers. By traveling about plots or properties all over the year, the drone can have various makes use of: examination of plant wellbeing, fertilization management, weed identification, soil mapping and landforms, monitoring of experiments (counting , height of vegetation, 3D structure), surveillance of flocks in summer season, surveillance of infrastructures, institution of harm maps (match, drought, hail, frost) and so forth …

The use of the drone for the examination and the monitoring of the plots is in robust development. The amount of hectares overflown in France has improved from three,000 ha in 2012-2013 to 150,000 ha in 2016-2017.

The usefulness of a drone for agriculture

The Parrot Disco-Pro AG, which is promoted by Axe-natural environment via its distribution community, includes a delta-wing drone, a superior-precision sensor, flight scheduling software and a info collected. The flight scheduling software is utilised to define the parcel to be mapped. After a start just take-off, the overflight of the described space and the landing are fully automated. The user can also just take again the hand at any time, applying the lengthy-distance distant handle provided with the drone. The wing can fly about and map up to 80ha in 30 minutes.

The whole Hd entrance digicam of the drone transmits live visuals on the piloting software and facilitates visible inspection of crops, properties and livestock.

Ax-natural environment markets the Parrot Disco-Pro AG at the rate of 4,five hundred euros

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