By merging with the start-up specializing in the seize of aerial information, Azur Drones maintains the outlined study course given that its launch: to grow to be a worldwide player in the civilian drone market, and to be one particular of the French leaders.

“What is appealing now is that we are a 360 ° company on the career of the drone welcomes Jean Gagneraud, CEO of Azur Drones . We provide all types of services, we do retail, structure, instruction. It was our wager from the starting. “

Jean Gagneraud took the problem in 2012. So, at the head of a company that layouts cellular programs and co-founder of the pure player Economy Matin, the entrepreneur is on the lookout for investments to realize for his shut family members. Stéphane Morelli experienced commanded the regiment of the drones of the military and considered that there was a market for the drone civil. It was funded. “

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This conference in between “adult men and a market” leads to an original expenditure of 600,000 euros in gear and transverse production capacities. It is the start certificate of Azur Drones, which turns into the civilian drone department and provider of aerial imagery of the team Maintain Azur, the family members organization of Jean Gagneraud (who is its normal supervisor). “From the outset, the ambition was to create a market chief capable to fly the drones but also to ensure the processing of the information collected” Jean Gagneraud .

Due to the fact 2015, the acceleration

Following a couple of years of trial and error – “we ended up in advance of our market, we experienced to get potential customers and prospects to recognize what we ended up performing” – during which Azur Drones has to offer with a regulation Jean Gagneraud decides to take the guide of the division, which emancipates from the team Maintain Azur. It turns into the president of the neo-start-up reinvests two hundred.000 euros while Stéphane Morelli assumes the position of director normal

Jean Gagneraud has devoted himself solely to Azur Drones given that 2015.
– Azur Drones

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A yr afterwards, Azur Drones made his 1st € 1 million expenditure with Inter Commit Capital and hosted a third lover in finance, Jean-Marc Crépin . It is this latter who will go to solicit a “large French industrial family members” for the collection B of 3.5 million euros, in December 2016 . “We required to proceed our endeavours to consolidate the market, specifically in the safety and surveillance sector” justifies Jean Gagneraud

Not like most businesses in the sector, Azur Drones does not concentrate its endeavours on the audiovisual but on safety, “a extra technological alternative, extra risky but also extra promising in the extended term” considers Jean Gagneraud . The start-up so fulfills missions of surveillance of industrial web page or overflies of general public situations like the Tour de France.

A worldwide player in the drone market

In addition to supplying services, the company additional strings to its bow with the Flying Eye takeover in January – procedure for which Azur Drones once more elevated million euros ] – and Air Town Diagnostic previous July . “Flying Eye layouts and resells drones in addition to supplying service and instruction, Air Town Diagnostic is a expert in instruction and information seize ,” suggests the president. ] Not only do we recuperate turnover and competencies, we also speed up our geographic deployment. “

Azur Drones focuses its endeavours on safety and surveillance missions.
– Azur Drones

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The start-up, which is anticipated to realize 4 million euros turnover in 2017 is now existing at Sophia Antipolis, in Pau and in the Paris location . It counts a “ 30 partners” and is anticipated to tackle the intercontinental just before the conclude of the yr. “We think there is a lot to be carried out in Europe, but also in Africa and South America with the use of drones over extended distances” suggests Jean Gagneraud

Right until then, his company may have made new acquisitions “to fill the missing technological bricks” and elevated new money. “We do not forbid just about anything, as extended as the possibilities are dependable with our organization product” concludes the entrepreneur. A organization product that stems from an ambition: to grow to be a worldwide player and, if attainable, the market chief of the drone.

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