We humans we create, we work, we stay busy from birth to death and never rest. We build, aim higher, work harder, accomplish more, and to what end? “Balance” takes an abstract look at our modern world, the full and the empty spaces and time in which we live and choose to make our lives.


BALANCE is a a collaborative film by Brandon Bray and Tim Sessler

To read more about the project check out our blog: http://www.brooklynaerials.com/blog/
Contact support@filmsupply.com for licensing inquiries: https://www.filmsupply.com/collections/vertigo-aerials/1433

Director of Photography: Tim Sessler http://timsessler.com/
Edit and Camera Operator: Brandon Bray http://decade.is/
Camera Assistant: Sam Hicks

Drone and Helicopter Aerials: Brooklyn Aerials http://brooklynaerials.com/
Helicopter Support: Wings Air Helicopters http://wingsair.net/

Music: Deaf Center – The New Beginning

Helicopter setup: Robinson 44 with MoVI M15, RED CF Weapon and Leica R 35mm Summilux
Drone setup: Freefly ALTA 8 with MoVI M15, RED CF Weapon and Canon CN-E 15.5-47 f/2.8 Cine Zoom

Special thanks to Freefly Systems, Tabb Firchau and Already Alive.

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