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Special thanks to Sony Personal Viewer, Nicolas Dubreuil from for Groenland footage and to John And The Volta for the music!

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John And The Volta – Named as a discreet wink of eye to Björk – offers here the most contemporary picture of the band. After digestion of some intimidating influences – Air, Boniver or Radiohead-, four musicians invent a future. With a single watchword: whether it is indie pop, synth-wave, electronica or rock arty, the adventure is worth being lived only if it is the most personal possible.


  1. This drone turned out to be garbage, but anybody who had a hand in making this video should be given an award. This is the best advertisement I've seen since the Carl's Jr commercials

  2. I never crashed and that garbage drone only lasted 2 years then it stoped connecting. $500 wasted spend a little more and get a dji definitely worth it.

  3. please ignore this video and any others showing the drone flying near water as this is false advertising, according to parrot customer services flying within 100m of water voids your warranty. BE WARNED.

  4. I bought 2 Bebop, the first one video was defective and it was never in focus, so I had to return it but it was flying well and connecting well with the controller.  The second one video was well in focus, although the quality was far from what you see on the DJI, but it would not connect at all with the controller, so I returned it for good.  I will get a Mavic.  What I liked about the Parrot is the fact that it is small and looks like a toy, so nobody is getting offended by its presence.  The Mavic is also small and stealth, but it is soooo freaking expensive!  I have paid 399$ for the Bebop with the controller.

    Also be aware that the company don't have any Bebop 1 in new condition.  If you buy a Bebop 1 and it is defective under warranty you will get a reconditioned (used) one.  they don't even make the parts for the Bebop 1 any longer.  That's the proof that they are not meant to last!

  5. I got my drone stolen/lost because of a firmware issue, contact Parrot with no response , i did a video about what happened

  6. Bebop is a 4 year old toy., Phantom 3 wayyy better. Glonass and GPS for phantom and Light-bridge =)
    bebop is just a toy, really . look at the SIZE.


    Won't buy from Parrot again. Was flying my #BebopDrone on the FreeFlight3 app with 100% battery for a 1:38" flight, it all of a sudden started landing in the water at the second last way point 64 metres from shore, when i tried to assume control the drone would not connect. Parrot lead me to believe they were going to replace it, but since i had bought it NEW on eBay (even supplied them with the proper serial #'s) they say I'm shit out of luck.

    In contrast: DJI has a far more extensive warranty program. Go check out the phantoms. They also have more stability.

  8. ladies and gentlemen, maybe somebody out there can help me out. I have purchased a drone similar to what is on the video but why my battery is not lasting long?! I am having a problem with it please help out

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