sorry guys that I posted no video for so long. I was very busy at school. Here is my BEST OF DRONE FOOTAGE 2014. Hope you will enjoy it.

Charel Meyers

Drone: F550 from DJI and FY680PRO from TARROT
Camera: GoProHero3+
Transmitter: DX7S and DX9 from Spectrum
Video Link: 5.8GHZ sytem from BOSCAM
Music in the Video:


  1. Anyways if anyone is selling honda CVR's with suspension hit me up I'll pay you in cash. FAIR OFFERS only though someone offered me 1500 for one with 100k miles on it and i was like MISS ME with that BRO

  2. Could I use this footage for my own video? I won't post on youtube or anything, just for showing other people and stuff like that.

  3. Definetly not the best of drone footage, this is normal regular footage, no sunsets, no really high places.. But allright, it made me watch….

  4. Nice footage bud. Ive been looking at buying one myself. Don't want too cheap but don't want too expensive as im obviously new to it

  5. I muted this video while playing some royalty free music (Reflection) in the background, and although the music had been playing for about 30 seconds already, somehow it was synced to the first video. Slightly weird.

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