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Biki, the to start with underwater drone that pretends to be a fish



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                                    Biki: the to start with underwater drone that swims like a authentic fish


The Chinese corporation Robosea completes the improvement of a fish-shaped bionic robotic capable of filming underwater. It swims like a authentic maritime animal, in whole autonomy.


It moves with its caudal fin, stabilizes with its dorsal fin, sees, avoids obstructions and strolls under the drinking water like any fish … Other than that it is a ” A bionic robotic. This modest underwater craft named Biki is additionally outfitted with a 4k camera. It therefore captures photos of a quite higher resolution, 3,840 pixels per line. For comparison, Full Hd is designed up of 1980 pixels per line. Biki can transfer alone, with no distant command.

Of study course, Biki can also be controlled by your smartphone, your tablet or via a distant command usable under the lid &#39water. As this modest underwater drone can dive up to 60 meters, and it&#39s quite darkish at such depth, Biki is outfitted with highly effective lamps. You can then stick to the adventures of your bionic fish live on your cell machine and find the seabed like you&#39ve never observed! Prototypes have now been successfully analyzed in March. The staff of eight young creatives guiding the task is now finishing the style of Android and iOS applications for professional release in the coming months.

Robosea announces the to start with deliveries for September. His price ? 520 euros for a modest robotic and 2.340 euros for a bench of 5 fish Biki! To assistance the corporation and be a single of the to start with to acquire your underwater drone, you can lead to the task on the crowdfunding system Kickstarter .





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