Biki - Robosea



This is the “World’s First Bionic Unmanned Underwater Drone”.

It is also called as the ‘Robosea’.


The main difference between this Underwater Drone; BIKI and other Underwater drones is the Physical Shape and the Design of the Drone which looks like a real fish in shape and operates like fish moving so quietly through the Water in a speed at over 1mph. Following photo collection will show the differences in shape between BIKI and other underwater drones.



BIKI is consisted with two 114 – Lumen LEDs which light up and make it clear when it is moving in the underwater world. It doesn’t light-up the whole area so clearly, but does a bit. With a one full charge of the battery it stays alive for around 90-120 minutes. When the battery charge drops to 20%, it leads back to the operator automatically, with the use of the ‘Aforementioned GPS’ and an ‘IMU’ (Inertial Measurement Unit). Also it can dive for nearly 196 feet deep.

A camera that can shoot 4K video and 16 megapixel photos through a 150-degree wide-angle lens helps it to visualize the underwater world when it moves. Robosea can record videos up to 90-120 minutes with it’s in-built Camera. The ‘IMU’ and ‘Exclusive algorithm ROBOSEA’ allows BIKI to keep its balance in the water, which is necessary to capture Underwater videos clearly.

BIKI is the First Bionic Wireless Underwater Fish Drone. So a human or an operator is not needed. It can be connected to a Smart Phone or a Tablet via WiFi and it operates alone by it self. As WiFi doesn’t work properly in water so far, it also can be programmed in a patrol route or use an underwater remote control compatible with “Acoustic Communication Technique” which works under the water up to about 33 feet.




Robosea; BIKI is claiming September of this year and the price of a Single BIKI will go around US$599.


Vist their Official Web Site to find more on this subject.

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