1. Probably one of the coolest concepts I've seen for a hover car. Unfortunately, powering a full scale one will be the challenge.

  2. I think that is really neat. I think it needs a camera on it so one can see how it feels from the 'pilots point of view'.

    I think they could up size it to carry one or two people. I would add a BRS to make it safe. I would have ducted fans for flight so they would less likely to be damaged. I would make it a hybrid with separate motors for driving and flight. It would simplify switching from driving to flight and back again since it would not require complicated gears to convert.

  3. I think we are talkin' James Bond type amazing invention type stuff . You could get away from many bad guys with that shit . And you could easily spy on bad guys all frickin' day and gather significant intelligence and stuff like that . To make a long story short ; the bad guys would be out of business . Zip bing bang zowie badumpbump good bye .

  4. I have been trying to buy this for so long time!!! There is no where !!!?I would have hoped that by now there would be many hobby shops selling it. I think there is something wrong with people who have patteren on this, dont know what? But if they dont start selling it, that would run out or maybe hopefully someone else comes with a idea maybe better than this and similar for affordable price….I am just sad that we can not buy it anywhere…!!

  5. what is the point of this B Flying Car ? why should we wait to stuck somewhere and than to fly, instead just fly where you want to go?

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