It’s just an illusion.


  1. No! We aren't supposed to let that happen, we're supposed to fight tooth and nail to stop it from happening! Huh?! Wha…? The only way it's possible is if I had received the wrong communication, maybe my signal got crossed, maybe I'm illiterate, maybe I'm out of order, unalphabetized…

  2. You know I can't stay tonight, kid. I got the game, the big one. We're playing scumbahland tonight, what do you want me to do?

  3. i like how these cunts denouced their involvement with the show, but by reading the comments it sounds like the show is the only reason people are listening. just heard this on an ad for Nordstrums for chrisht sakes. also if your in the mood for some cringe read the ignorant statements most of the artists made, but these bitches specifically. they straight up said they never watched any material nor do they intend too blah blah blah alt right alt right. sure they kept the money tho

  4. MDE has great taste in music.

    Many goth and indie bands discovered. Somehow their show gets ripped from them because of some schmuck; tell me how fans of this kind of music can be Nazis? This is clearly a feminist influenced song. Someone has to be hip to this era of music, and I doubt they would choose a song for which they didn't enjoy listening to – so again, how can they be Nazis if their music taste lies within liberal territory? Seems a bit paradoxical. Then again, I could be reading into music taste too much. What kind of music people enjoy can tell you a lot about their personalities, though.

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