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Making your first feature documentary is hard, and it’s a process that you rarely get a close look at. This is why I decided to start documenting my own struggle as a filmmaker.

About three years ago I started working on my debut feature doc called The Pearl Of Africa. Making it seems to be impossible, which I why I decided to create a Vlog about my struggle to make the film.

Jonny von Wallström is a award winning self shooting director. His work has been featured in the world’s largest medias such as; CNN, Arte, The Huffington Post, MTV, TV6, ZTV, SVT, Al Jazeera and more. In 2014 & 2015, he was awarded Swedish Guldägget and PPFT Maggie Award for media excellence in global Journalism. He’s also a contributor at The Huffington Post.


  1. Great review, I would love a drone but new Canadian laws have made it next to impossible to use.
    Even the commercial shooters have to pre-apply to use them in town which can take weeks to get approved, clients say just forget it.
    Thanks Jonny!

  2. Mavic its great for portability, but i rather choose a drone with better quality, wich in my oppion is the phantom 4 pro atm, due to its fair saize and image quality.

  3. My be I can help you I fly mostly alone my self, I have a Yunnec Q500 4k, and a Mavic, so you teach me aireal photographe and I will help you carrie your stuff for 1 week. Just tell me where. No Joke.

  4. Hi there – I like you videos and I'm always pleased to see a new video of yours. This video REALLY stuck out to me! Can you tell me how you lit yourself while talking into the camera? What focal length you were at? Thanks and keep up all the great work!

  5. Recently had to cut-in Mavic footage to a music video and it's been a nightmare with the difference in dynamic range. I've had to scrap almost half of the footage.

  6. Awesome insights Jonny! The Phantom 4 is a perfect compromise for me. I take it as a "second" carry-on when I fly and have never had an issue, but the image is still better than the Mavic. PS Im coming to Europe for 4 months from Sept-Jan and would love to take you for a beer sometime if we are in the same area!

  7. You are awesome man. Seriously, you just make sense! I would enjoy a video on how you film and edit with the mavic then. I have a Mavic and its super demotivating when you sit with your footage in post and have no idea how to make it look good. What do you think?

  8. haha.. skön vibe, älskar att lyssna på dina vloggar 🙂 …tänkte just köpa en Mavic just bara för vlogga och storleken. Jag märker också kunder som allt mer köper material för sociala media och då kan man komma undan med en hel del 🙂

  9. Thanks for this. I will probably never own a drone, but I love watching all the videos about them. COngrats to the 30K Subs by the way 😉

  10. I agree. Mavic is awesome as it fits in my camera bag, but if you are filming forrests/anything that has detail from a distance it just turns can't do it.

  11. I brought the Mavic all the way to India with me. I've been travelling to all these remote, obscure places that few foreigners visit and likely nobody has ever flown a drone in before — places that look amazing from above. Unfortunately, my Mavic, which I'd barely used before this trip, is malfunctioning and won't focus. I've had to carry and be careful with this drone while travelling on trains, buses, jeeps and on foot, and it only worked for maybe the first two flights here. It's a huge disappointment for me, of course. Considering how many people are reporting focus issues, I think they should have locked focus on the Mavic like with the phantom, which I also have and have never had any bad experiences with at all. My recommendation at this point is to see if you can live with the phantom's size. If not, maybe wait for the next Mavic iteration?

  12. Hey Jonny, i have used the mavic on couple occasions while travelling and have found it to be quite good for its small size and portability. Regarding the image quality there has been alot of talk of it, doing alot of research online it seems that there one or two settings that can greatly affect your clips.

    There is a very good video on the sharpness by The Film Poets which i would recommend for any mavic user to watch. Hope that helps.

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