Drone footage filmed between 2013 and 2016 shows the Ukrainian city of Pripyat and the Chernobyl nuclear facility. In 1986, the population of 50,000 people were evacuated after the reactor at the nuclear plant exploded.

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  1. Im guessing its our fault (Americans) for this radioactive explosion what did we Americans do this time to cause trouble

  2. They should keep it as a nature reserve. It has bears and deer and even wild boar. It's like the last real space for European animals and only because it's lethal to humans. : (

  3. Imagine; after the explosion, there was a problem, which if not solved would cause 10x more radiation all across Europe and into parts of Canada and the United States. But unfortunately, there was only one way to solve it, which involved swimming into the depths of radioactive water, directly under the reactor, opening up a drain to let the water out, and then climbing back up. Sounds terrifying right? But, fortunately for all of us today, 4 men made the ultimate sacrifice, and completed this mission, leaving loved ones and family behind, knowing that if no one did it, the world would face a grim future. They were called the "Chernobyl Divers", and were awarded for this great act. Unfortunately, they were so radioactive, that they all perished, within two weeks. It's because of them, that Europe and parts of the United States and Canada aren't vastly affected by this tragedy. May they rest in peace, and may God be with them.

  4. "50,000 people used to live in this city, now its a ghost town, never seen anything like it" the hotel…the ferris wheel…the church…the city itself…abandoned but never forgotten…evacuation under force…

  5. Chernobyl, i remember this TOWN From Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare, in Mission : All Ghillied Up. Also, One Shot, One Kill

  6. remember in 1986 when the damaged reactor was spilling out cubic tons of radiation into the air, they're finding that signature radiation in Antarctica now. Of all places, that's the damage that Chernobyl has done.

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