The chimpanzees of Royal Burgers Zoo have once again proven how intelligent they are in the morning of Friday, April 10, 2015. For the second season of the Burgers' Zoo Natuurlijk program, today plans were recorded with a drone, which allows spectacular images of the animals and their stays to be made from the height. Once arrived at the chimpanzee residence, the intelligent human beings immediately discovered the spying plane and the animals immediately armed with long sticks against the curious electronic intruder.

One of the chimpanzees was high in a tree with a long branch. Probably very quiet and satisfied dumbling in the morning sun let the human appetite make the drone curious pictures. From the corner of the eye, however, the chimpanzee kept an eye on everything. Patience awaited the human appetite until the drone just came too close. Fast-blow struck the chimpanzee with the long stick that kept her hidden from the body! With a strike, the animal hit the drone down, where his teammates quickly overtaked the "prey". Because the camera continued to rotate throughout the operation, despite this completely destroyed drone and GoPro, it produced very special images! |


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