Colorful Iceland 2

Short drone movie from our amazing road-trip through Icelandic highlands – the remote but breathtaking parts of this spectacular island. It was my 9th trip to Iceland and I finally managed to bring a drone there and capture this beauty from the air.

You can see my very first Icelandic video “Colorful Iceland” from 6 years ago here:

Also please feel free to have a look at my second drone video from this last trip focused more on the actual road-trip and fun we had along the journey:

We had a lot of fun, enjoyed some geo-thermal bathing, F-roads driving, glacier river crossings, northern lights watching, beer drinking, epic camping, mountains climbing and got a lot of great experiences.

That is Iceland at its best and a this was definitely a trip to remember till the rest of our lives.

Huge thanks to Lagoon Car Rentals for providing us with the great modified Toyotas Land Cruisers.


More info and pictures at: ||

Shot on: DJI Phantom 4 and Canon 6D

Music: Tony Anderson – Dreamlife

Sound effects:,

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