Remote-controlled drone can transfer pollen from one flower to another. Read more:


  1. Bees and butterflies don't spy on us but mini drones can. And since when can these plastic toys make honey?

    Let's actually heal our furry friends and their habitat

  2. So shit got to that point? this is something i guess, but it feels like just delaying inevitable dead by offering a bad joke of a solution.

    There''s absolutely no way for this to be a functional solution even if you mass produce and apply these drones.

  3. Thanks for bring us one step closer to that beautiful utopian vision that is 'Black Mirror.' For more info, see season 3 episode 6

  4. We need to stop destroying the ecosystems first. This is valuable tech but the nonchalant attitude about dying bees spells disaster. Paving the way for corporate reliance over once naturally producing systems.

  5. это дрон-убийца цветов. вы в него зубочистки вставьте ,дрон -зубочистильщь,до первого промаха :))))

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