UAV (unmanned airborne vehicle) flight along a crack in the Brunt Ice Shelf, which appeared. This was detected by scientists in October 2016.

Halley VI station ( is in the final stages of being relocated 23 km from its present site to put it upstream of a previously dormant ice chasm that began to show signs of growth in 2012.

In October 2016, a second crack appeared some 17 km to the north of the research station. Since then glaciologists have monitored the growth of this crack using a network of GPS instruments that measure the deformation of the ice, together with European Space Agency satellite imagery, ground penetrating radar, and on-site drone footage, which show that the recent changes to the Brunt Ice Shelf have not been seen before.

This second crack is shown in this video. Learn more on our website:

Video by Stuart Holroyd; copyright (c) British Antarctic Survey.


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