Crossout – AIRCRAFT CARRIER Drone Support! (Crossout Gameplay)

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  1. PhlyDaily, More wheels more speed/or does not let that speed goes down so fast…dont let numbers hit red. Use Light engine, not anyother for that "acceleration" – when tonnage hits yellow it eats acceleration meanwhile red takes out speed. Tip: use lunatic pieces, light and not bad health pool.

  2. Hey phly make the destroyer ship but, use the hump back cab I'm pretty sure it has what like 13 energy but, use a generator and put any weapons on but, it has to have at least 1 cannon

  3. Hey phly, can you build an efficient and quick cricket launcher build in your next crossout video? Thanks.

  4. Gotta love that non-cliche good old Johnny Cash. Better than that generic dubstep. Salut to you PhlyDaily.

  5. get a couple of friends and make a battle train. For best results (in terms on mobility), have the locomotive only have armor and a lot of pulling power, leave the offense for the wagons

  6. Hey phly do you give out free golden eagles to people? I can't buy any and the apps you've recommended haven't worked. Plus I'm 3 planes away from the german mig 15 bis and I don't have anytime to grind

  7. There was a Wasp carrier, several in fact. USS Wasp CV-7 was a smaller version of a Yorktown class, USS Wasp CV-18 was an Essex class, and USS Wasp LHD-1 is the first of her class of amphibious assault carrier in service today.

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