Drone Music and Ambient mix by Alphaxone
0:00 – Keosz – Forfeited

6:25 – protoU – Static Memories

10:50 – God Body Disconnect – Heart of the Mirror’s Abyss

18:50 – Atrium Carceri – Decrepit City

22:24 – Council of Nine – Void of Regret

27:18 – Wordclock – It May Come

31:50 – Enmarta – Ecstatic Paradigm

38:05 – Phonothek – Last Train

43:15 – Cities Last Broadcast – Fourth Floor

48:19 – SiJ & Textere Oris – Behind the window

57:18 – Alphaxone – Outfield


  1. В этой музыке нет выдуманного и искусственного. Она – сама суть.

  2. Cyro Chamber, how do you create this sort of of Ambient music, if I may ask? I'm very intrigued, and would like to start making my own tracks. Regardless, I like your stuff, keep up the good work.

  3. Wordclock's tracks reach out and grab me, I love them. So glad I discovered Cryo Chamber, I will be supporting the label when I have the opportunity

  4. I smoked some really good weed and I was to damn stoned to see the Cops behind me ! Now I am jail on drugs charges !

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