a drone patch focused around the cwejman RES-4.

main sound source is the verbos harmonic oscillator. the main sine out is fed into the RES-4. RES-4 bandpass out is dry while the notch out is going through the tiptop audio ZDSP with the halls of valhalla reverb card. modulation of various parameters for both the RES4 and harmonic oscillator are coming from the modcan quad LFO. pitch changes are coming from the SSF ultra random analog triggering the tiptop z8000 sequencer. the voltage shifts from the z8000 are changing the peak positions on the RES-4 via the cv inputs resulting in a melodic pattern.

sweeping sound design elements and swells coming from the make noise mysteryon which is then fed through the Cweman MMF-1, mungo D0 with macro machines storage strip and make noise erbe verb. stereo out is then fed into the WMD SSM to be used as a muting matrix. modulation sources are from the modcan quad lfo, synth tech e355 and livewire chaos computer. additional modulation to the MMF-1 and D0 are coming from both the make noise wogglebug and doepfer a-147.

percussive element source is the delphtronics triggerman triggering the make noise DPO final output on an optomix channel, this is then sent to the modcan dual delay in dual tap mode and following that the qu-bit RT60 reverb.

no computers or external hardware were used in this performance 🙂

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