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Delta Drone enters the money of the father or mother firm of the KEAS Team to the tune of about eight% Of a reserved money raise

KEAS is a Team specializing in the layout and manufacture of security goods positioned in close proximity to Grenoble, and produced up of 3 industrial providers:

-LEAS (Developed in 1980), a firm that designs and manufactures electronic methods, particularly in the fields of olfactory detection, jamming of communications, encrypted identification and conversation in the maritime and aeronautical sectors, or seismology.
-ABCM (designed in 1994), a computer and community engineering firm, and industrial application growth firm.
-EF6 (designed in 1993), a firm specializing in electronic wiring and smaller and medium generation Collection of electronic boards and methods. EF6 also develops an know-how in plastronics, an progressive technological know-how that allows the selective metallization of 3D plastic parts, ensuing in the combination in a solitary subset of the mechanical, electronic and packaging features

Turnover of all-around five ME and is effective for civil and army buyers.

In addition to the money settlement, Delta Drone strategies to rely greatly on the abilities of KEAS For the manufacture of all electronic components on its UAV methods, the growth of new company sensors, the evolution of embedded methods guaranteeing the security and traceability of flights.

This procedure, Jean Angelidis and Jean-Marc Bouthinon, CEOs of KEAS reported: “The entry into the money of a shareholder such as Delta Drone opens up new prospective clients for growth in connection with its worldwide operations and its sector of action, Belonging to systems that we master numerous crucial bricks, especially electronics. Many solutions that we have efficiently marketed around the globe, S civil and army buyers, will be equipped to be adapted and miniaturized to be embedded less than the methods of drones made by Delta Drone, therefore opening up many company chances. Monetarily, Delta Drone&#39s help supplies us with the implies to secure and speed up the deployment of ongoing assignments. “

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