Saturday, 23 September 2017. Located at Bhakti Abri Jatijajar Square, Depok, Club R15 under the name Depok R15 Owners successfully celebrated its second anniversary. Despite many doubts, but with persistent determination and enthusiasm, the second anniversary of Drone (Depok R15 Owners abbreviation) went very lively.

Thousands of Bikers have packed the field after sunset. With the opening entertainment dangdut, the Bikers have immediately enjoyed the course of entertainment. That was followed by remarks from the chairman of the committee and chairman of the Drone, Herman. That marks the second official birthday of Drone.

Combined with the appearance of the dangdut singers, the submission of placards from each guest is done. Make the giver and receiver of the plaque (The celebrate) is something very special and proud.

The event then proceeds to the core and most sacred event, especially if it is not the candle blowing on the birthday cake. Since it's his second birthday, Drone prepares two cakes. Incredible, if the third birthday then the cake will be three? Satisfied donk we will eat the cake.

Accompanied by the song "Happy Birthday" from Jamrud, the entire Member Drone sang together on stage. And at the end of the song, they together blow a candle.

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Here len schedule

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Advanced entertainment events were held, namely Female DJ Performance and Ladies Bike Wash, opened by Bejar from DJ Pachira, all the guests instantly joined in. After a few songs played , the appearance of the female DJ combined with Ladies Bike Wash, Wow, Sexy looks and wiggles wisely into the beautiful scenery, plus the accompaniment of music that continues to spur the body to sway makes the whole cape journey lost.

Congratulations Birthday of Depok R15 Owners, hopefully more Solid and glorious Hopefully in the third anniversary will be more lively again.

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