While Netflix laughs, Amazon petitions and Google runs tests in New Zealand, DHL is about to actually launch drone delivery for its customers — sort of.
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  1. Minimal payloads, high risk, atmospheric/FAA limitations…I could put two locals in a speed boat for cheaper while significantly increasing payload while mitigating nearly all risk. Now…cargo UAVs? Now we are talking.

  2. Yea can see this happening when I want a 18 inch BMW 30 kg wheel delivered! Payload plus battery life means it will fly 10kg for a minute! Nice idea but a waste of time! Even for small packages just cost way more than a man in a van

  3. Very cool but could be done better, more like google version would be more efficient. Faster and longer battery life. 

  4. Apparently the Google one does not land on the ground but instead use a rope to lower the package so the drone won't be stolen but this one ,the Google one and the Amazon one are still not automatic so instead of 10 people controlling 1 drone to deliver 1 package, I would whether have a postman to deliver my packages

  5. Nice to see innovation isn't blocked completely by political bullshit. Good Luck to DHL which will more then likely beat amazon to the Delivery by Drone market.

    Also it makes sense if they are sending it to islands and other hard to reach areas.

  6. I think it's good companies start having innovation with things like this. If we didn't start from something, we will never get it done. In the future I hope this technology will evolve a lot further and we can get normal parcels delivered to our front yard haha.

  7. You just know, eventually, one of these things will smash through somebodies window at 30+ MPH.
    "Your package is here, but your TV is ruined and your cat is dead. Sorry. ~ DHL"

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