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The AR.Drone 2.0 is at the crossroads where high-tech meets Icarus dream. Fly like a bird. View the earth from high above in high definition. Share your experience online with your friends.

With the AR.Drone smartphone app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. You will be close to fly like a bird.

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  1. Lol.. .. this think loose wifi control about 40 meters range …. its impossible To fly so far like on this vidéo.. .. that s fake

  2. I was 13 when I saw this commercial 4 years ago. I was so hype for this and watched the commercial over and over, little did I know this commercial was bullshit and so unrealistic. Boi really went around the town, like cmon now.

  3. A fucking piece of fucking shit! Don't buy this. The range you can fly away is only about 20 m. Buy the dji phantom 3 professional.!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. They could enhance it by optionally setting the course of the drone back to the user based on the user's GPS position, in case the drone gets too far to be navigated back manually

  5. A got my parrot drone 2.0 six months ago, I was using my Samsung mini pad, now I want to use my new mini ipad but it won't connect. it keeps looking for IP? Can you please help me?

  6. They look fun but despite what the advert shows, drones with cameras are illegal to fly in the UK within 50m of another person

  7. ….my life is so busy, I wish I had the time to think about people violating my privacy… Be a man and don't give a shit… I thought only girls cared about what people thought about them???…I guess it's all that gay marriage out there that is ruining what once used to be bravery in this country…i'm glad I'm not afraid of people, and I'm glad I'm always speaking my mind I don't care if you're black white red and yellow…this guy… Disguise hiding drugs in his fucking house is what's up he's a fucking liberal

  8. …..The guy below me… His name is guy forgot. – He's a fucking vagina. First off guy, try voting Republican that way you can have some nuts and shoot whatever comes on your property dead,dead, dead!!! …you sound like a Democrat… Democrats are pussies. – On the policeman and also a martial artist we enjoyed beating up Democrats for fun off the job black, white, but now it's going to be Cuban.- GROW SOME BALLS GUY.

  9. this video suck,  why?
    because people who sell this shit want to sell this shit to stupid people like the guy in the video. and they give all the bad idea you can do with this.  thumbs up gerk

  10. We all love our freedom, but I think that human nature tends to take advantage and abuse the freedom we have.  Thus, things like people now vlogging in grocery stores, shopping malls, pranking in public, recording everyone in their faces, and now these drones…imagine what it will be like if 100,000 people in your city are flying drones and playing games and tricks, pranks, and other stupid ideas so that they can get views on youtube and become famous.  New laws will have to be in place that prevents people from filming candidly in public to control or curb this behaviour.  At least that, or ppl should now have to get licenses in order to fly drones or even to film people in public without their consent.  I know right now we say, "it's public space" so it's all legal, but this is getting way out of hand once more people start doing this.  I can see all the lawsuits coming from drones getting into accidents with people's faces, vehicular accidents, and who knows, malfunction or poor flying skills can lead to disastrous results.  

  11. I would hit that drone so hard if it came near me on the street then if I could get it on the ground i'd stomp it to pieces

  12. Random people are not going to welcome the drone like those people do, they are going to bash it for sticking a cam into their faces without asking.

  13. Нельзя без защиты над людьми летать!! Плохой ролик.
    Мальчик палец сунет и отфигачит нафик. Ногти точно пообламывает.)

  14. My friend told me Phantom dji is much much better than ar Drone parrot..on phantom you have to put your own camera or phone on to récord vídeos..

  15. Strictement interdit de survoler Paris. De plus le quadricoptère face au gamin ! une fausse manip et le gamin perd un oeil.

  16. Игрушка классная, только качество видео не радует. 
    А вдруг ещё кто-нибудь из террорастов к ней придумает бомбу прицепить?

  17. I think this is a neat idea if used responsibly but if one of these things starts watching me without my permission it's getting a fist or a shotgun blast in the camera lens

  18. This is the kind of publicity and behavior that may kill this hobby. Voyeurism is nothing against the fact of flying around peoples, at a few inches of them and there face.
    S T U P I D demonstrations. Completely irresponsible and dangerous. After that houndreds of newbies will try this and …  At a 1000 rpm and often more those little toy propeller are partly controled flying rasor blades.
    RC plane propeller mishap

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