DJI, the world leader in unmanned aerial vehicle technology, Friday announced the launch of a smart, crop-spraying agricultural drone.

The DJI Agras MG-1 is dustproof, water-resistant and made of anti-corrosive materials. It can be rinsed clean and folded up for easy transport and storage after use.

The eight-rotor Agras can load more than 10 kilograms of liquid for crop-spraying and can cover between seven and 10 acres per hour. It is over 40 times more-efficient than manual spraying. The drone can fly up to eight meters per second and adjusts spraying intensity to flying speed, ensuring even coverage.


  1. Great technology, far more efficient than ground based applications, I can't wait to see what they come up with next. I fly many DJI products and love them all. Happy flying everyone.

  2. they're not capable of building a decent and reliable photo/video frame and they want to do such a thing ? seriously ?People who want to work are using Pixhawk, not rubbish and closed software dji product. period

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