Click Here for the 4K Sample Footage

We had the pleasure of going to a super secret location aka Brooklyn NYC to get some flight time with the new DJI Inspire 1 to do a Real World Preview.

I am going to run down the top level specs that I think are the most important to focus on right off the bat.

This is an all new “drone” from DJI that will be priced right around $3,000. I am sure you are curious where this falls in on their lineup. At the bottom of the lineup you have the DJI Phantom which I equate to a cropped sensor camera like a rebel or D3300. At the top of their range you have the S-800 and S-900 which are more like your 1DX or D4s. Now you have the Inspire 1 which falls smack dab in the middle and I would equate it to an entry level full frame camera like the D610 or so.

This drone is larger and more powerful than the phantom and is now carbon fiber (2.9 kilos or 6 pounds). It is extremely simple to set up, all you have to do is attach the self tightening props, connect the battery and you are pretty much ready to fly.

You have a built in DJI designed and built 4K capable video camera on a 3 axis gimbal. It is a removable “payload” that means at some point you may be able to switch out other cameras or devices that DJI or possibly others release.

Another point of emphasis is that the lens is no longer a fisheye lens. This should make most filmmakers very happy.

It can record video at 4k 24 and 30 FPS at 65 megabit and 1080 at 60 FPS progressive all to a removable Micro SD Card.

Click Here for more detailed specs on the Inspire 1.

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  3. DJI have massive issues with there batteries. I ordered 2 batteries for $420 directly from DJI and they sent me defective ones that did not work. Then they use Zendesk to talk to me from China, asking me to send a video and screenshot to prove I bought from them. DJI is a horrible company that do not service there products. They may have superior drone technology but there batteries are garbage. If you are lucky enough to get an inspire 1 drone that works, good luck having it work a year from now where the battery actually works consistently.

  4. i followed all your videos with the DJI Phantom 3 drones and i learned a lot but is there anyone there can gift me Standard versions?? any rich people there or anyone have lots of DJI Drones?? can i ask 1 for my graduation day? THANK YOU SO MUCH 😀

    Skype: aiduko.sempai1

  5. I'm not a huge photo guy, but this guy is really sharp and knows his stuff. Plus, his catchphrase is seared onto my brain and I love it since it is so unique.

  6. Gorgeous quad copter but very pricey it would be worth advertising yourself to cable are tv companies for cheaper ariel shots you never know you could get some paid work with your hobby, 4k camera why not.

  7. Basically you need a hair cut, and save over half & get more batteries with a Phantom 3..   I will bet a smart battery to ANYONE who can get a better pic than I can with my Phantom 3….  This is an old vid, but get off the inspire nuts Quest Love!!!

  8. I've been flying my P2V+ for about a month now and honestly I'm enjoying it. The video is decent and I'm getting a good 20-25 min flight time with the battery but I have three batteries so no worries there. I spent about $1300 for it, to include the extra battery, 32GB micro SD card, blade guards, and a nice hard case for transport. I thought about the Inspire but look at how much money I saved…..if someone makes a living shooting video then I would say go for the Inspire but for a hobbyist flying for fun the P2V+ is right on the money.

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