Farmers are required to manage acres of farmland at a time, and have recently begun to tap into aerial technology to do so efficiently and sustainably. DJI MG-1S revolutionizes the way in which farmers can utilize drones to manage and take care of their crops.

In this video, three individuals in the agricultural drone industry speak of their experiences with DJI’s MG-1S and tell us why it stands out amongst the UAV choices when considering factors of precision, effectiveness, intuitiveness, ease of use, safety, build and more.

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  1. Considering it only carries 2 or 3 gallons at the most, it would still be way too ineffeicient over fields that size.

  2. Seriously ?! Are you prod to promote chemical products which kill bees and which are not good for human health ?

  3. plz throw some light on the battery life, cost of batteries. Also would like to know about the availability in India. is it legal to fly agricultural drones in India?

  4. Du grand n'importe quoi. Et puis ces agriculteurs ont déja du mal à se payer un bol de riz, ils vont pas s'acheter un drone à 2000€

  5. its a cool concept. but I don't see companies in china investing thousands into this when labor is so cheap lol.

  6. Parabéns pelo trabalho de vocês
    Achei muito eficiente para pequenos produtores .
    Aqui no Brasil temos muita agricultura familiar que tem pequenas áreas de cultivo ,onde se encaixa perfeitamente o uso deste equipamento de pulverização .
    Grande abraço .

  7. would be perfect for spraying poison on blackberry bush's in Australia in rural areas where they can only be reached by helicopter due to difficult terrain

  8. It's very inefficient to fly like a helicopter compared to wings. This drone will only be able to fly for a maximum of about 15 minutes with a payload. Using a plane would be less accurate in delivering but probably faster since you don't have to swap batteries all the time.

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