Honest and Full Review of the new DJI Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian. What makes this drone one of our favorites for 2017 and 2018? This video takes a closer look at the Obsidian VS the original white Phantom 4 Pro, a full Drone Camps Beginner Course, and some stunning results of the 4K camera. All in one review. Share with a friend who is learning to fly.

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  1. Regarding the maps which restrict flying, can you find out where these will not fly before you purchase? I want to fly next to some National Park land, but not actually over that land. If it will not fly there, I do not want to buy the drone.

  2. Hello. I love what you do and the professionalism you inspire. I want to buy the P4 Pro. At first, I knew what I wanted, but after the obsidian version was launched, my face fell off. I really love it. Although I have a slight doubt regarding the overheating issues because of the colour. This colour would suit me better because I want to purchase a CrystalSky display also. Do you think the dark colour would be an important issue regarding the overheating potential? Thanks.

  3. Have you tested how well you see one vs the other when they are in flight? Love the shot of the drone close to the water with the sunset, and then bringing it up slowly!

  4. Colour shift – to one that's maybe the very hardest to see in any conditions apart from maybe snow. If shifting colour I think should have given an option to a day-glo colour, maybe hot Lime or Orange. If something goes wrong and one of these charcoal birds goes down it's more or less a waste of time searching for it unless it's got a tracker fitted.

  5. I think the camera is better? 4k 60fps not 30fps. And the Black is an alloy material different making it lighter and stronger. Not the same specs? Correct me if I'm wrong.

  6. Hi Justin, Great Stuff – My need is to fully understand battery management of the quad and controller -It is a very complex subject and I need to know HOW not to damage them – Plus how to charge correctly, using fully charge and store plus how long can you leave full charged batteries, when to run them down fully every few months and why and how many cycles before replacing them..etc The batteries are costly and screwing them is very easier to do..

  7. Nice job. It's so important that people start slow and steady, I flew toys for two years while the industry became what it is now! then I transitioned to an X220 FPV quadcopter and it was a natural and thrilling experience, everything was under control because I was ready for pretty much anything with a lot more power and that changes the game but you're ready for it…Cheers

  8. Great videos Justin and also great pointers. Are the videos from the Chesapeake Bay area?
    I purchased a Mavic Pro about a month ago and have yet to fly it. But, I also purchased an inexpensive quad, an Aeosenma CG035. I have been honing my flying skills with the execises you have shown for some time now in VLOS. This quad has really decent GPS and altitude hold. I also have an inexpensive action cam attached , so I can review my flights and see what I was doing from the quad perspective. So, as you stated, when I do begin to fly the Mavic, it should be much easier for me and I should know what to do in a hairy situation.
    I am a senior and figured this approach would be the best for me having grown up in an era when none of the modern technology was available at all.
    What my situation has taught me is to be very patient and especially acclimate to the sensitivity of the sticks. Also, the more you practice, the lower your "freak outs" become…..lol.
    My ultimate goal is to save up and add one of the Phantom 4's to my line up. Keep up the great work and keep the videos coming.

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