Domino’s has tested out a prototype for a flying drone that can deliver pizzas. The device carried two large pepperoni pizzas and conducted a flight.

How do you get your pizza delivered?

Last month, Domino’s pizza teamed up with a creative agency titled T + Biscuits to test out a prototype for a flying drone that can deliver cheese pies.

Described as an octacopter, the device carried two large pepperoni pizzas and conducted a flight over a city near London.

The pizzas, both contained in an insulated bag, were secured to the drone. They were delivered in perfect condition and it only took about 10 minutes to venture 4 miles.

The founder of T + Biscuits stated “If anything it went quicker than a pizza boy. We were amazed at how easy it was going to be.”

The drone is being called the DomiCopter. Although the device won’t take the place of human delivery drivers anytime soon, Domino’s is reportedly experimenting with the drone at their UK headquarters.

Federal Aviation Administration authorities estimate that private drones will make up a $90 billion industry within 10 years.


  1. First off who ever is flying the drone must have a 107 certificate, also delivering goods with a drone is against faa regulations and the faa said they will not be granting any waivers for this and the pilot in command has to have the aircraft in vos or visual line of sight the whole flight without the use of binoculars or other visual aids. You can operate a drone from a moving vehicle if someone else is driving but only in sparsely populated areas, and you can't operate over people

  2. Yes, but, it is not allowed to fly that far away. It has to be in line of site. Apart from being bloody dangerous it is bloody stupid.

  3. Gonna be a lot of accidents, hence a lot of litigation. Unlike real pilots, a drone pilots view is only forward. They have no clue as to events and or issues from any other direction. More drone traffic and no traffic controlers means, no cleared flight path to or from a destination. Shit, conventional aircraft must use air trafic controlers and they still have accidents. Add a few thousand UMA's flying about willie nillie and the numbers will increase.

  4. They could build some big antennas on top of their restaurants to greatly increase the range… (which is only 1 mile atm)

  5. also check out the videos where drones are being used in China to watch over students to make sure they are not cheating in exams

  6. I think this should be a way to deliver pizza. It would be easier and alot faster. There may be dangers but as long as I get my pizza who cares

  7. I seen this thought that's cool…then got me thinking of that film batteries not included….
    This could be way forward for company's to deliver all sorts I see the dangers all so ….

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