Dramatic footage captured on New Year’s Eve in Seattle shows a drone circling the Space Needle before eventually crash landing into the top of the iconic structure. No one was hurt.


  1. Intentionally done for youtube views..btw you're pilot skills suck and you're cheap phantom drone is a expression of how dull you are..plz commit suicide infront of you're family during the holidays

  2. It was pretty obvious from the beginning of the clip that he wasn't much of a pilot. And then to just fly top speed straight into the tower? Go home, you're drunk.

  3. Wow, I guess the pilot lost a 2000.00 DJI Inspire. I am sure those guys up there used a frequency jammer to bring it down. The drone flew right to them.

  4. i think what happen in video that radio tower cause the problem thats what cause flyway and crash
    i never fly anything near radio towers or celltowers.

  5. Flight against all FAA Rules, but the Pilot didn't noticed that there pyrotechnicians are 575 feet and there is a tractor beam installed said Ron Sevart, Space Needle CEO and there could be a penalty of up to 364 days in jail and up to a $5,000 fine.it's under investigation by FAA they could also identify the Owner by the Serial on it.

  6. The guys on top are working on radio equipment and I bet they were the ones flying the drone and crashed.
    Not a casual drone operator I bet.

  7. like I agree. the guy that crashed this drone just totally ruined all my bundle of sticks. I mean if a man teached you fish u will know what fishy smells like. if you eat the fish youll know how to catch crabs because your fish was caught in seattle. preposterous I say just ludicrous. to believe one man can lead you out of the dark night of ignorance is just dumbfounding. so I say a penny earned a penny shit it is shit its all shit as are you and no one even wiped after wards.


  9. You can delete this as it's meant for you only. This is simply a public display of stupidity. How are you sure an airplane won't get in the way?

  10. pilot tried to blame it on a return to home error. NO. looks like RTH was initiated, and because the craft was probably above the preset RTH height, it stayed at the same altitude and headed home. Too bad that big structure was in the way!

  11. I would love to have someone do some drone work for my YouTube channel but I've heard it's illegal in Seattle? Please tell me the rules. I already read them but this person filmed? So I would love the 411 thanks!

  12. He now has to pay 5000$ and might even have to spend one year in prison.
    I think most people here don't have a clue, that it wasn't the pilot going mad and wanting to destroy the building and it's very likely that there was simply interference with the antennas of the space needle.
    Someone speeding or going over red lights could also possibly kill other people and only has to pay 100$ in most parts of the US.
    Drone regulations are way to high compared to others.

  13. All these comments about the guy deserving jail time or being a jerk or an asshole or an idiot…seems like a huge over reaction. It seems like it was an accident. We don't usually jail folks who get in fender benders with other vehicles. I don't know about the rest of you, but I think a 3,000 pound Toyota is a bit more dangerous than a drone that weighs a couple pounds. Are you yourselves idiots or assholes when you make a mistake?

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