Chapada dos Veadeiros is one of the most visited destinations in Brazil and there is not one person in the world who is not enchanted with all the beauties that it can provide. World Heritage by UNESCO and Goyaz Biosphere Reserve, this unique region has been the scene of projects and experiences that seek to harmonize human knowledge in various areas with natural life, advocating a better world and a better quality of life.

The name Chapada dos Veadeiros came due to the hunting of deer in the area that today is located the city of Alto Paraíso.
A very interesting fact is that under its soil there is a gigantic block of quartz crystal and so it is said that this is the brightest point of the planet seen from space, in addition to its geological formation being one of the oldest on Earth.
The chapada is in the same parallel of Macho Pichu so it is much sought after by esoteric and mystics from all over the world.

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