One of the mountain of Brazil with an opposing beauty formation, this is defined by most mountaineers. In the Serra do Caparaó is the "Pico do Cristal" with its 2,769m is the sixth largest mountain in Brazil and the origin of its name can be noticed in full moon night, where its quartz crystals that appear on the surface give all the charm in a stunning natural phenomenon.


There are several legends about the origin of the word Caparaó, but one of them is worthy of mention: There existed in the country today the Caparaó National Park, a very brave ox, called Ó, that would keep anyone from trying to capture him. There was a mutirão between the cowboys and after many days and of fights, they managed to conquer it and like proof of such bravery, they decided to castrate it. Soon the rumor arose: "Capaban o Ó".

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