The airborne leaflet operation at the Dagger Complex in Germany was successful!

The Dagger Complex in Darmstadt, Germany acts as a central point of the NSA’s surveillance and espionage activity in Europe. On Friday Intelexit supporters, the initiative helping people break free from the secret services, dropped information flyers to the 1100 employees working there.

This is a wonderful way to reach out to the spying community – we are currently working on more ways of participation to reach out and help people who want to break free.

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“Take a Chance” Kevin MacLeod (
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  1. It's high time that all U$ & UK military and intelligence/ spy facilities are expelled from Germany. We need to reclaim our sovereignty NOW!

  2. Don't tell them to quit. Tell them to do their REAL jobs! Expose corruption domestic and foreign to the US. They should refuse to spy on innocent citizens.

  3. There's no better way to get drones banned than pulling shit like this. As a drone enthusiast, I can't get behind this idiotic stunt. Not for its motive, because I do believe it's noble, but for its absolute futility and the deluded idea that anyone will actually be swayed by this propaganda. Like christian billboards, nobody cares, and nobody gets converted.

  4. That plane for one actually drops freedom, but the ones at its helm won't say it cause they're that clean

    GG, hoping the initiative will get positive feedback

  5. The Youtube propagande machine works. At the end of this video, the first suggestion is a video about a North Korean defector…

    Nice action, BTW!

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