3 “penitentiary housemates” co-accused of conspiring and making an attempt to get drugs delivered immediately to the window of a person of the cells of the Donnacona prison gained sentences ranging from 6 months to two a long time. imprisonment.


It was the vigilance of the intelligence officers at the Donnacona penitentiary that introduced to gentle this endeavor to convey narcotics inside of the partitions.


In between June ten and 18, officers intercepted many conversations that Patrick Larouche, Ugo-Emmanuel Gonzalez Salvail and André Mauger had with a guy named Marc-André Trudel


“Just about every connect with was marked on Patrick Larouche&#39s card and, in a much more or fewer coded style, the three prisoners documented the likelihood of bringing narcotics with a drone,” briefly spelled out the Prosecutor for Criminal and Penal Prosecutions Mr. Jasmine Leduc


In a stocking of wool


On June 18, Marc-André Trudel educated his “consumers” that he was leaving the Montreal spot, with an accomplice, to the Donnacona highest security penitentiary in purchase to supply the merchandise as he Had been agreed.


Even though on the parking whole lot of the Tim Hortons cafe in Donnacona, five kilometers from the prison, they ended up arrested by police officers of the Sûreté du Québec


According to counsel for the three co-defendants, Marc Delisle, the “deal”, which under no circumstances went, contained forty eight drugs of methamphetamine, 119 g of cannabis and forty five g of cannabis.

“The drug was in a rolled stock of wool, to which a rope had been hung. Inside the bottom, there ended up many black capsules usually named “plogues” so that prisoners could insert them into their holes, “additional Leduc.



Getting much more associated than his associates, Patrick Larouche gained the bare minimum sentence of two a long time, which he ought to serve consecutively to the 4 a long time he is currently serving.


Ugo-Emmanuel Gonzalez Salvail, in the meantime, gained a sentence of twelve months of imprisonment.


Ultimately, André Mauger, with many dozen judicial documents, has been sentenced to 6 months and will be additional to the five-year sentence he is currently serving.



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