Episodes to air Thursdays at 8:00 PM EST

Created & Directed by Robert Glickert

Story by Robert Glickert
Written by Robert Glickert & Daniel Casey

Executive Producer: Justin Lin
Executive Producer: Andrew Nagel
Executives in Charge of Production: Philip W. Chung, Salvador Gatdula, Abdul Khan
Co-Executive Producer: Clark Baker

Produced by Clark Baker & Robert Glickert
Co-Producers: Lance Reddick, Steven Adams, Mike Gunther

Nissen: Lance Reddick
Jay: Kenneth Choi

237: Eli Presser
Black Ops Soldier 1: Cameron Diskin
Black Ops Soldier 2: Taylor Graham
Civilian Man: Serdar Kalsin
Civilian Woman: Sepideh Haftgoli
Civilian Girl: Jessica Ladian

Additional Robot Performers: Kevin Williamson, Alexander Jeanneret
Black Ops: Eric Delgado, Matthew Fuller, Bill Grotheer, Jamie Love, Don Moore, Grant Murray, Peter Nuoffer, Parker Sloan, Doug Weng
Homeless Man: Jim Hayes
Marines: Kelcivious Jones, Grant Murray, Peter Nuoffer, Parker Sloan
Enemy Combatants: Dean Ghaffari, Sevan House, Ernie Medrano, Keary Pedroza

Director of Photography: Sean Stiegemeier
Edited by Todd Killingsworth
Music by Gregory Tripi
Production Designer: Rosie Sanders
Visual Effects Supervisor: Oliver Hotz
Casting Director: Tamara Hunter
Background Casting: Annelise Hewitt

Line Producers: Kaylin Boosalis, Miguel Angel Boccaloni

Associate Producers: Brad Hinton, Rosemary Lambert
Segment Producers: Jace Armstrong, Andrew Porter

1st Unit Production Manager: Taylor Pierce
2nd Unit Production Manager: Kasey Lubin

2nd Unit Director: Justin Lutsky
2nd Unit DP: Jeff Dolen
2nd Unit DP: Kyle Klütz

1st AD: Evan L. Robichaud
2nd Unit 1st AD: Ridgeway Wilson
2nd AD: Elliott Barker
2nd 2nd AD: Jessica Kivnik
Assistant to Mr. Baker: Annelise Hewitt

Costume Designer: Abigail Keever
Prop Master: Treven Bedwell
Prop Master: Nick Scofield
Lead Man: Nick Cervantes
Hair & Makeup: Abigail Keever
Make Department Head: Jessica Lewis
Key Makeup: Alli Hewitt
Wardrobe Supervisor: Tricia Chinnici
Wardrobe Intern: Krystian Lorenzana

1st ACs: Joe Segura, Yuki Noguchi, Andy Chen
2nd ACs: Jacqueline Stahl, Andrew Dickieson
1st AC 2nd Unit: Paulina Bryant, Matt Ryan, Nick Bianchi
2nd AC 2nd Unit: Jamie Macpherson
JIB: Connor Vandeer
Steadicam: Ross Coscia

Visual Effects Consultant: Joe Wehmeyer
Assistant to Mr. Wehmeyer: Fred Shin

Gaffers: Chad Cohlmia, Brandon Delgado, Rowen Byers, Alberto Vega
Key Grips: Sergio Silva, Tony Banando
Best Boys: Justin Moran-Duqette, Sara Elia, Ted Arnold, Matt Severns, Bobby Dechellis, Kris Koester, Daniel John, Marlow Nunez
Grips: Mat Severns, Sid Mohanty, Ruben Languren, John Day, Jared Threatt, Jeff Webster, Chase Wright
Electricians: John McCabe, Sarah Fox, Michael Woodside, William Hayek, Israel Grajeda, Jeff Godshall, Gavin Davenport, Stephan Peter, Kurt Hall, Sarah Elia, Danny Ligsay

Sound Mixers: Brent McClain, Jason Serrone

VFX by Origami Digital, LLC
VFX Supervisor: Oliver Hotz
VFX Producer: Matthew A. Rubin

Digital Artists
Chris Cowan
Kyoko Hattori
Thomas Koch
Koichi Minamizuka
Bradley Mauro
Chris Wells

Robot Suit Created by Mark Villalobos & Ron Karkoska
Fabrication: Robert Miller
Seamstress: Trisha Villalobos
Paint: Vince Oddone
Mold Makers: Manny Lemus, Gabby Chaidez, Miguel Hernandez
Sculpture Clean Up: Ana Preciado

Robot Design: Long Ouyang & Ben Mauro
Robot 3D Design: Mike Nash

Storyboard Artists: Darrin Denlinger, Kenny Madrid

Action Produced by 5150 Action Inc.
Action Coordinator: Kyle Woods
Stunt Coordinator: Lee Whittaker
Black Ops: Philip Forteza, Jonathan Tran, Robbie Corbett, Wes Ryan, Marc Canonizado, Michelle McOmber, Elisabeth Carpenter
Utility Stunts: Alex Schoenauer, Sabrina Lebrun

Additional Stunts: Kenny Shackelford

Post Production Supervisor: Mike Manning

Motion Graphics by Defy Agency
Toby Chi, Jimmie Rhee, Aaron Strongoni

Colorist: Tashi Trieu

Post Production Sound: Empty Sea Audio Services
Supervising Sound Designer: Mark Camperell, MPSE
Re-Recording Mixer: Mark Camperell, MPSE
Dialogue Editor: Jason Krane, MPSE
Sound Effects Editor: Garrett Montgomery
Foley Recording Services: Todd-AO Studios
Foley Mixer: Nerses Gezalyan
Foley Artists: Gary Hecker, Gary Marullo

Key PAs: Mikey Barrata, Zack Neuman, Kelly O’Shea, Kyle Thompson
PAs: Stewart Adams, Shane Borza, Joshua Butt, Jordan Cantu, Nick Charles, Mike Chinnici, Salina Conlan, Leah Cronican, Dennis Hernandez, Jeremy Scott Hopper, Sally Jacobson, Dan Keener, Desi Koanui, Joe Kozlowski, Shannon Leskowitz, Ali McKenna, Todd Reynolds, Will Reynolds, Sam Schweikert, Bogdan Zlatkov
Art Interns: Gabriela Gil, Amanda Boisselle, Quentin Frismand, Kyle Courter, Eric Robert, Michael Anthony

Pyroman: Wayne Beauchamp
Stills: Robb Rosenfield
Product Placement: Kasey Lubin

Special Thanks: Clairmont Camera, Peter Brown, Cinelease, Dodge College of Film and Media Arts Chapman University, Chapman Filmed Entertainment


  1. Very nice. I only one tiny criticism, I believe soldiers are trained not to stand in a circle and open fire due to the high probability of getting shot in the crossfire. Apart from that I'm really liking it.

  2. In the beginning was the word, than the make it real. By the early 21 st centura the nature of warfare had changed. Unmanned drones patrolled the skies above the battle ground. Autonomous by design. They operate by a code. A code of war. "Locate and destroy it." Survival is now your prime objective. 

  3. Did anyone look up the coordinates at 3:32 ? they are 34.042419 -118.212891 Google maps shoes a elementary school in LA , This is so cool

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