June 19,2014 Thank you for watching my video,I’ve been flying RC aircraft for over 27 years. I’m also a sailor and own a boat. This is any boaters worst nightmare come true.
It doesn’t matter if you have money or not, a boat fire is devastating if you love your boat.

I am looking for opportunities related to filming ,independent films,documentaries,and shorts . In addition I am a licensed captain, experienced blue water sailor ,world traveler, quad copter pilot ,aerial photographer,underwater photographer, surfer, diver . contact me at lowaltitudefilms@gmail.com … Thank you.

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  1. I don't think that person loves their boat even remotely as much as someone like you. Pretty sure this guy will just buy the next boat for 20 million when he sees one.

  2. I hope you don't do this when there are bushfires on. Supposedly some quadcopter owners try to get footage of bushfires which actually hinders the fire authority's ability to put the fire out. Heard that on Tested. Cool video though.

  3. I hope the newer multiple rotor copters are far less noisy. Would more blades per rotor and a slower rotor rpm reduce the sound level?

  4. Nice even burn, looks deliberate to me.  Like they pumped fuel through all the water lines and put accelerate everywhere.  I guess they wanted the insurance check more than they wanted the yacht.  

  5. Great video, would you mind telling me the make and model of your drone? I am thinking about purchasing one. Your's had a good flight distance and good stability. Get back to me! Thanks!

  6. why dont we make fire Drones bigger drones that can lower a fire hose in the water and than pump the water up so you can (spray) water to it 🙂  

    Drones are much faster and efficient 🙂 

  7. Definitely a insurance scam it was for sale for over a year! Boats don't just catch fire sitting dry dock with nothing running?? An you can see the fire started up top not down below.

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