Pioneering game fishing from the beach using innovative techniques from above.

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  1. Não entendi… o drone leva a linha para o alto mar e como ele solta a linha quando o peixe é fisgado?
    A linha se desprende ou tem um controle pra fazer isso?

  2. Against the law in Michigan. The DNR , the Governor can not manage the Great Lakes. They are fools. They worry more about drones flying than poison being dumped into our drinking water by foreign ships and industry. FOOLS. They would rather deny a handicapped person from drone fishing. Our governor is a school book idiot. No common sense. Thanks for the Zebra Mussels, Lamphree, and Gobies etc. etc. All so industry and oil can get rich. Thanks for the future oil spill that will leak from the aging oil pipe under the Mackinaw. Site unseen. Rusting away under the water waiting to destroy our economy forever. And you are worried about a drone fishing? How can someone as dumb as Snyder become Governor?

  3. I have my own boat in So Cal and I've often thought a drone would be a great way to locate kelp paddies. We also do the same type of thing with kites. It allows us to get the bait out far away from the boat and avoid spooking the larger tuna. This video was way cool and for all you tree huggers who think this will decimate the tuna supply, you really fail to have a clue. Unlike the seiners who wrap thousands upon thousands of bluefin off the Mexican coast, these guys are landing one or maybe two. Get off your highhorse!!!!

  4. As long as people catch just one or two pieces of fish, I think drone fishing is completely acceptable. Do you know how tuna was traditionally caught in the past and how is it done now? There is a special Italian word for it – la mattanza – the killing. We should first stop overfishing, then catching one tuna with a drone will not be so bad, after all.

  5. Using technology to more efficiently kill things, way to go asswipes. Enjoy the mercury as it destroys what's left of your brains.

  6. I was thinking about using a drone for shark fishing (likely in Florida). Oldtimers are using airballs to bring a bait in 200- 300 yards from the coast, thus drones are not supposed to be forbidden. The more so, I am living in Toronto and cannot drive to Florida with my own boat, and no boat rental is available in Florida, as a least, in area of Venice to Punta Gorda. Which model of the drone did you use and was it modified for this function and how?

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